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Kebenaran Islam Menurut Mantan Pendeta

Islam Based on Point of View the Creature of World
and Aksiologi
A mind must be used in religion, because it is a great enjoyment which is granted for human beings in order they can do as well as the duty and the responsibibility which is blessed to us.
The fact of death must be accepted by human being which is notin the meaning that Allah SWT is a killer. Know! That Allah is the All Merciful and Beneficient. The meaning death are :
1. Death is the remembrance for alive people in order they are aware that all things in the world is not eternal.
2. Death will motivate all human to think introspection of all fault for living in the world.
3. Death is a victory brigde for everyone who faithfull and pious to Allah.
Islam as a simple but can be believed. Simplicity of Islam is not not easy to understand, but having a true principle. Only can be haved for self surrender in true to Allah SWT. Because islam is according to Allah’s hand of length in application to save the environtment and special for human beings.

The doubt of human to be honest and straight forward to embrace islam in caused some factors :
1. The Assesment of human towards Islam is only one sight. As if someone touches ivory elephant whom he thinks it hard, when he touches on tail elephant whom he thinks that Islam is extraordinary, when he is stepped by elephant, he thinks Islam is a hard, cruel, killer, terorist etc. So that islam is positioned in negative sight.
2. Human don’t understand the cultural history and the position of Islam comes as plan whom Allah SWT to all His creatures for saving their live.
3. Human get a belief without sciences based that source from the originae text of holy book which is belonged to them. In the case causes a religion that is embraced can not beunderstand theoritycae to some one, eventhouge they think that their religion is better than other religion

The Existence of Allah SWT

Everyone admits and realizes that all thing in the world having cames from the creation. The other possibility, a human will admit the brainwork from Allah SWT. The word “Admit” is difference from word “Know”, it is mean the witness about the existence is Allah is difficult formulated if human persist in defend a logical math formula toward the fact. That continued based on relation with people. As an example “I know Ahmad is a great person, so I admit he is a great”. Based on an logicae ability, human will admit all things after know it. However, the Powerful and His Almighty, Allah has bowed a human logicae whit all from the sign of His Almighty in order human admit the existence of Allah SWT.
Think is an effort to find the existence of Allah. However, should base on acknowledgement on prove of the greatest of Allah.
Christian always states that Yeremia prophecy of Holy book for Musa and the new agreement which is called in this holy book that they convict is a new agreement. In this case, it is not suitable with proves from Christian holy book itself, among others:
(1) Prophet Isa comes from Bani Israel and has special duty for them (Matius 10: 5 – 7 and 15: 24 – 26). Prophet Is does not Change the Taurat’s law, but complete with the original of Injil (Matius 5: 17 – 18)
(2) Prophet Is does not talk about a new agreement, and the term of new agreement appears from Christian theology in several century after prophet Isa is death.

The prophet of Muhammad SAW
Based on Old Agreement of Holy Book

Although the holy book is digressed from Greek and Jewish. However the history of Allah thruth which decide and delegate the prophet Muhammad SAW is not digressed. Because of there is not verse which changed the meaning by the Greek and Jewish. It happens because they are difficult to translate into Middle East.
I. The Nubuat prophet of Musa AS in the review of holy book.
In the verse of 17-18 is called :
(17). Then said, God to me (Musa) : ”What they said is good”
(18). A prophet whom I will come up for them, as if you, I will put My decree and the will say for them of all thing whom I instruct from them.
From the 18th verse, code that prophet which is prophecied will apper from Bani Israel, but not from Bani Israel it self. Their sentence is related with genealogy of Ibrahim, Ismail and Ishak. And the sentence “between their relationship” showed Bani Israel (Arabian). And prophet of Muahammad SAW is decent cleary by Bani Israel.
Then the sentence of “whom is like you” code to prophet must be prophet Musa who takes a regeneration of religion and Islam Law. Therefore, we know that prophet of Muhammad SAW who bring, keeps, undergoes and survives new Islam Law that still continued for all people included Bani Israel.
Verse 17th -18th is cleary showed to prophet Muhammad SAW, because there wil no prophet who brings syari’at is like prophet Musa for Bani Israel and all the people except prophet of Muhammad SAW.
II. In the Yesaya of prophecy holy book.
In the 1st and 4th verse, called :
(1). Look at my slave whom T touch, My choice people whom I permit for them. I have put my soul, in order He decides a law for the nation.
(4). He his self. Will not become pale and pain, until he will build a law in this world, all the islands hope his teaching.
From that of two verses, we get two argumentation which is propechecied of prophet Muhammad coming and prophecy which is not suitable to prophet Isa and Yesus coming.
From the firsth verse, showed that the prophet will reach the truth (Allah’s religion) for all the people. Because the prophet of Israel, like Daud, Samuel, Yahya eventhogh prophet of Isa is just lead for Israel religion and believing, so that the verse is not clearly showed for for prophet who lead Israel religion.
The firsth verse is also coded that, there will be the last decade of prophet, Ie prophet who spread a God’s soul (Allah’s revealed with His holy book) for all nation in this world. It showed that prophet is prophet Muhammad SAW is like stated 34 : 10 of review holy book and in this Qur’an. This case is not showed to prophet special of Israel, but a prophet who still bound a with ancestor of Israel (Ibrahim) ie genealogy of Ismail. This is suitable with condition of prophet Muhammad SAW which is not limit for Arabian. While the religion who is bought Isa is only for Bani Israel.
The fourth verse is said that prophet will do they duty successful (No disappaer or lose) until his duty is over, ie after Allah religion syari’at has until strongly in this world, and the last prophet will die. This case is already suitable with spread of history and development of prophet Muhammad SAW, while prophet Isa ia not finish in his duty when is lifted by Allah SAW from his duty in Palestina after correct Israel religion. Although the fact which is brought prophet Muhammad SAW is often slendered by people in a hekk with spread the issu that Islam is hard line teaching. Slender comes from in fiddle people without ther realize that in their nation, a human live the God of stomacth and material. Eventhough, religion that they believed can not bring to homage for God. Their religion looks lose with the evil and savage human.
III. Yeremia Holy book of prophecy
In the 31st -32nd of the verse is called :
(31). Actually, there will become in the time, that is the decree from God, I will organize the new aggrement with Israel and Yehuda.
(32). It is not like anaggrement that I organize with their ancestor in the time when I hold their hands go out from Mesir, My aggrement has reluctant by them, although I become a power master for them. That is God’s decree.
From the second verse, we can find the information which is prophesied about the attendance of Prophet Muhammad SAW, however it is indirect.
From the first verse explains that God will exist of a new agreement with Bani Israel (better from Israel than Yehuda). The second verse is said that in new agreement, God refuses the special treatment from Israel , because they collide the promise towards Allah to fulfill the Taurat’s law.

Islam Based on Point of View the Aksiologi
Aksiologi consists of there kinds of branch in value of philosophy :
1. Ethics is a science that mark a good attitude and bad one of person in physic activity and psychology.
2. Logic is a science that mark true or false based on thinking.
3. Aesthetics is a science that mark good and bad of the human live reality.
Talking about the truth and goodness must differemted from side of aksiologi. Because of the goodness which is marked from side of ethics, logic andaesthetics doesn’t consist yet of the truth value. On the contrary of truth already sure consist of the value of goodness from the side of logic, logic andaesthetics. This case is suitable with ethics philosophy that said “a good person is not sure true than a person that already true is sure, he is good”.
Aksiologi has situation which is meant in scope of faith and conviction someone’s religion. If it is based on accentualisation or characteristic fact of old herent of a religion “exactly, the aksiologi is one of certain facility in determine true or false a faith of someone.
In carry out religion in Islam law, sometimes someone does not heed a logic, ethics aesthetics. The fact appears clearly from Paulus theory which is impressed irrational (logic) impolite (ethics) and discipline (testhetics).
The irrational of Paulus’theory looks cleary from the many of verse contrast new aggrement in the meanwhile :
1. Roma 3 : 28 said :
In those verse, Paulus changes an artificial hooly book by his hands if as Injil Isa as, than made Jesus into a God order he is admitted as God. Eventhough Paulus also ever lifts himself same with Jesus. Therefore, the formula of Jesus as God which is built by Paulus theory based on “Bapa is in son’s soul. And son is in Bapa’s soul”. This case some with Paulus’theory which say that He is not himself again, but Cristh which live in himself. It means that Paulus is not satisfied with apostle position and he want to be the second Christ after Jesus.
2. The statement of Bibel’s Paulus is in the meanwhile :
a. Roma (3 : 9 – 12)
b. Roma (3 : 20 – 24)
c. Galatia (2 : 1 – 21)
d. Roma (5 : 8 – 12 & 18)
e. Roma (8 : 14 – 17 & 29)
f. Galatia (3 : 24 – 26)
g. Galatia (1 : 1 – 4)
h. Galatia (1 : 6 – 8)
i. Galatia (1 : 11 – 13)
j. Galatia (1 : 15 – 16)
In all verse above which is booked in Bibel, all the sections and verse is characteristics influenced the human in order to make Jesus as God, His opinion is as faith which save and the contrast of Taurat’s law, even tough Paulus also consider that Taurat’s law is a stimulus of sins desire. However in Roma (7: 12) Paulus corrects that Taurat’s law is not a sin, even though he called Taurat’s law is sacred, true, and good. How stupid is someone who admit as a prophet but he has no founding about what he faith is. Naudzubillah.

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